Genre of songs.

01 Mar

Exams are over, Dingo has too much time on his hands, apart from searching for anything related to retro EPIC games such as Xenogears, FF7 and Zone of the Enders, Dingo also went about finding random songs to listen to.

Ah crap. 3rd person typing is shit. anyways, the reason why i went about finding random songs to listen to is due to the fact that I was finding soundtracks of games, and albums from Daft Punk.

Reason I’m finding soundtrack of games?? Well since I’m too lazy to replay them, i shall listen to the soundtrack to make me feel like I’m playing them again. đŸ™‚

Anyways, some songs that I’ve found will have some basic info about them like what title, who sing, how long, etc. etc.

but one thing that has always make me go ? ? ? is the genre classification. there’s like for example,
‘Alternative rock’






‘Contemporary R&B’

And TONS more that I can’t be bothered to list out, you want to see you go here

I find it hard to know how the music goes for each genre, heck i believe nobody I know can clearly define which song is under which genre/sub-genre.

Its like,

R&B – all brack man songs

POP/English – all England songs

Chinese – all chinese songs

Techno – all ah beng shake head songs

Even if someone tells me that this song is suppose to be this genre, I oso donnoe why it is suppose to be this genre. -.-

just some boliao tots.

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