‘Luckily he escaped from m’sia.’ lolx wutz?

29 Feb

NOTE: My brain is dead due to not sleeping for like…. 18 hours already. So pardon me if this post is incoherent.

so… the hottest news in Singapore lately other than the edison chen case is the mr JI ‘limping’ man running away from the maximum security prison, changi prison, DB, Detention Centre, public toilet.

then today we have some dumbfuck with a IQ of a cow claiming to be the JI leader getting his ass arrested. (well at least the home team is still capable of something.)

Anyways, I mentioned it to my friend about this case and he claims to have read about it on the newspaper, until he said: ‘Heng(hokkien for lucky) he escaped from MALAYSIA.’ (or something like that.)

Then i was like WTF? MALAYSIA? Singapore lar dae.

So that brings me to today’s point:

Are Singaporeans, or rather, Teenagers, that bo chups?

Actually I must admit lar hor, I myself don’t really pay much attention to any ‘suspicious character’ walking around or care that much. Perhaps its due to our complacency and reliance on the govt? Or perhaps We are just being considerate? or perhaps We just care about ourselves?? (last point is a typical trait of all humans, but how deeply rooted it is is another question. Up to you to decipher ba.)

I mean its kinda bad to be staring and avoiding every Malay you see what, especially when you have the mindset that they look all the same. (A typical stereotype, AngMohs also see us Asians as all having the same facial features, and again, no racism intended!!! Sheesh.)

this is really a sensitive issue lar, especially when Singapore is a multi-racial society. As a matter of fact, I saw a couple of posters pasted on the walls of Malay coffeeshops, but I didn’t chance upon any at Chinese ones in the vicinity. one wonders what those people are thinking, although perhaps they still haven finish ‘sticking’? Not sure really didn’t stay behind long enough to see.

Anyways back to topic,

So are Teenagers really prepared? do they have the right mindset? I think this questions pretty much applies to all Singaporeans lar.

Lets say(touch wood!) a bomb exploded somewhere in Orchard Road, opposite the pavement you’re at, or near your house while you’re at home, injuring a significant among of people.

Will you take out the phone to call the police?

Or will you take it out to film a video/take peekture so you can post it in your brog/STOMP/whatever?

..hmmm what would I do?

Editor’s note: This observation made by me is unreliable due to the fact that I only based it on evidence gathered from my conversation with a friend and my own personal attitude towards this issue.

Perhaps in reality, 95% of Singaporeans are well prepared for and able to cope and/or react to the scenario that I’ve mentioned above.


No shit.



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