Double D KoroKoroChan

29 Feb

So i was being lame when my friend ask me to ‘introduce him some nice movies due to him booking out till monday.

and so I created a reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaallyyyyy obvious ‘movie’ title that i think seriously anybody with a brain will know is under what category(and a obvious fake, KOROKOROCHAN?!)… but my friend apparently left his at Pulau Tekong I guess,



anyways this picture was edited using GIMP! My first ever picture edited using it, thus not very polished… anyways the quality of the peekture was suppose to be better, but for some weird reason i used another program to add in the watermarks, which then lowered the quality of the peek. crazy me.

Donnoe why but I suddenly have a interest in photo editing software, I shall learn how to use GIMP in my free time!

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