Pata pata pata pon!

26 Feb


This is the more awesome game to have if you own a PSP, have a knick for rhythm and beat games and enjoy those linear left to right hoot hoot style games. and especially so if you enjoy looking at funky and colorful graphics.

WARNING: May not be suitable for self-proclaimed manly mans.

This game is rather addictive really. and the pata pata pata pon shit is just stuck in my head!

Things that you do not see in the trailer:

Ability to equip, set who you want to go to war with, get mega cool weapons and create mega cool pons thru patience. (the eye thingys.)

Nice music and quite a challenge really. your skill of rhythm of beat will be seriously tested as you advance to deeper levels. Not to mention the graphic on this game is rather unique and nice imo, in a non-3D kinda way.

get this game! now! else risk your psp exploding in a huge fiery ball visible from space! Although if you suck at Rhythm games this might not be for u.

Its hard to get ‘fever’. 😦

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