23 Feb

I’m not someone that listens to the radio on a daily basis, as a matter of fact I think I only listen to radios once or twice a year.

but lately I keep hearing my frens tell me that a certain song has been repeatedly playing on the radio. Should know is what if you frequently listen (engrand channels.) or if you’ve followed my previous recommendation plus look at the title of my blog post, its freaking obvious.

so i just try try see whether its true or not.within 5 mins of tuning to 91.3, LOW played. changed to 98.7, LOW played. wth!

kiss kiss oso seems popular.

whatever. those are old songs to me. OKKKKKKKKK time for some newwww songs recommendation. ranking not in order hor.

1. Izza Kizza – They’re everywhere (produced by Timbaland)  – Marco polo Marco polo!

2.  Missy elliott Ft. Busta Rhymes & Ciara – Ching a Ling Remix – Ching Ching Ching Ching Ching!

3.  Deepside Ft. R. Kelly – Lets make love Remix

4.  2 Pistols Ft. T-Pain, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe & Juelz Santana – She Got It (Official Remix)

5.  Fat joe Ft. Nox, Timati & Raul – Put U Take It (produced by scott storch)

6.  Lil Haze ft. Ying Yang Twins – Whut It Iz

7.  E-40 ft. Lil Jon – Turf Drop

Ali Ali Wasapali. This time overall the songs are so-so, just a few, imo are nice. This are: No. 1,2,3 and to add for fun, No. 4 also.

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