Fack Beo : NBCB COPY ME!

20 Feb

By Thephesusesmasus So

January 2, 2210

Director Fack Beo was mightily pissed off with the fact that Singaporeans out there was lambasting his latest movie, ‘Ah beo pte very ltd’ for its poor content and boring story.

He claims that another movie, ‘CB001’, directed by a Mr Phenstep arakasnan baba chow, had contents similar to his previous movie, thus why is it that this ‘reviewers’ only lambaste his and not the other?

To prove that He isn’t just talking cock, He list out 5 points to support his claims:

1. Yandao Lee was casted as the main actor: Lee, a very prominent (and handsome of cause) actor was casted as the main lead in <<CB001>> ; In Beo’s previous movie, <<HUAT!>> Lee was also casted as the main lead.

2. Using the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road: A scene in the movie depicted one of the characters attempting to cross the road using a pedestrian crossing ; In Beo’s previous movie, <<I not gerek>> the same scene was also reenacted, (different actors lar. haiyoh.)

3 . Eating a bowl of rice: A scene where one of the female lead went back home to have dinner with her family, and everybody was eating rice ; In Beo’s previous movie, <<HUAT!>> the main character went back to his family for lunch, and everybody was eating rice……

4. The word ‘我’ or ‘I and/or Me’ translated to Engrand: The main character used the word ‘我’ or ‘I and/or Me’ in certain dialogs ; In Beo’s previous move, <<Goodbye Moonlight>> the main character also used the word ‘我’ or ‘I and /or Me’ in certain dialogs, as a matter of fact, Beo claims that ALLL his previous movie had used part or all of the word ‘我’ or ‘I and/or Me’ translated to Engrand.

5 . The good guys won : In <<CB001>>, the good guys finally defeated the bad guys after much encounters and hardship ; In Beo’s previous movie, <<I damn gerek>> the good guys defeated the bad guys too, albeit there wasn’t much encounter nor hardship. but that’s not the point right?

Director Fack Beo claims that he isn’t ‘shooting’ Mr Phenstep’s new movie, but rather those ‘reviewers’ that claims that he made a sucky movie.

‘I am sibei curious, I thought reviewers always like to watch many movies in one day de? how come that Phenstep’s movie got so much similarities to my mine, somemore do until so obvious, yet no one kpkb his movie?’

It is to be noted that Director Fack Beo dropped a tear while saying this.

Although reviews about this show had been bad, this ‘negative’ publicities had somehow managed to rouse much attention among the general public and propelled the show upwards, grossing 280 million in total earning, 1 million less than Mr Phenstep’s <<CB001>>, standing at 281 million since both movies opened on Vesak Day.

To end it all,

‘I am damn confident that I can beat the ‘unbeatable’ Phenstep when this movie is released in Timbaktu….’ Director Fack said.

i just got one thing to say,

‘THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK.’ (and the pot is black to the point of being un-cleanable.)

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