Protected: Enough is Enough

16 Feb

So me and her broke up like quite long ago, probably 2 weeks ago? it was actually due to this incident where she go and confess to this guy but got rejected.

I was already prepared for stuffs like this, i mean during that period where she moved back, we didn’t talk much neither did we see each other, there was no yearning whatsoever, in short it was pretty ‘dead’.

i actually found out when she came over and use my com to talk to this friends of her, i shall not dwell on the details but it was just the catalyst of the whole break up thing. check her hp all this and bam wham broke up.

This incident woke me up hard. real hard. the shroud of love totally cleared and i started to think why was i so stupid? she is such a evil person. her personality is fucked up. she likes to lie, her temper, everything about her. omg. I cannot believe that i tolerated her for so long lor. i shall not dwell upon this too much oso. since thinking about it I will get pissed off with myself for my stupidity. one thing is clear though. I really detest her for all that she’s done. she is 2nd to that makaay dude really.

I was expecting her to not contact me since you noe u are in the wrong how can u be so thickskin?? but obviously that wasnt the case for her.

certain events unfolded after that(more on that later.) that makes me damn stress now. it started when she went mad (again) and asked me for help with her job one week after we broke up. i told her if i help her will she leave me alone. yes she said. so ok i helped. and it wasnt easy ok. damn hassleful. but the job was done and i tot that was the end of it.

for another week it was peaceful, until the following week till now. she just blast my phone day in day out. msg me a hundred times a day. I didnt wanna communicate with her due to the hatred i have with her. thus i just normally switch off my phone and heck care. but its not a solution since she keeps doing it and i don have house phone at home lor! its really damn sucks lar, she is causing me so much inconvenience i hate her even more! but sadly she doesnt seem to comprehend that!

so since that wasnt the solution, i tried to be rational. i talk to her i told her i exprain i scolded her all this. but in the end still no use. wAHHH that really pisses me off. she just keeps repeating the same thing. keep asking me to give her a chance. but but but u just imagine lar. give another chance to your worst enemy ever???? somemore already no feelings liao lor. how the hell to give chance? i can 110% tai chop tell u even if i give chance, im sure it is of no use cause simply i will just break up with her on the next day. really is no feeling! and please lar. those evil things she did last time, i gave her many chances liao lor. If other people. i think one chance oso wont give. thats how evil she is. I wont elaborate what she did really, cause must respect privacy mah.

but she just doesnt get it. which really damn pisses me off. u desperately want something to go away but it doesnt, it it its just like a cockroach running around in your room and then suddenly it go into some crack or crevice u cannot reach! damn pek cek one lor.

So i was forced to be evil man. Seriously i don do this kinda things cause its against my principles. but she forced me! which gives me another reason to hate her even more. i became heartless. i just tell her. want me to give u another chance. give me 50k singapore dollars. and for everyday she wants me to be with her. 100 singapore dollars. no more no less. initially she just keeps talking cock, but this msg i think shut her up:

‘So that means cannot la? I will accept no other things. Money talks. You got money you can do anything! Show me the money and you can do whatever you want with me.’

Seriously, it really really really makes me look like a bastard. but i really bo pian. what else you want me to do? She’s acting like a psycho lor. I just want her out of my life. shes already very lucky i didnt take revenge on her.

I am really desperate and stress, now for awhile she doesnt seem to be msging me or calling me. but everytime the phone rings and msg comes. Im scare of looking at it.

whats worse im scared later she come find me. WHAT TO DO?!!?!?!?

why am i scared? I shall tell you now. She suffers from some kind of mental illness lor. i donnoe what it is but i’ve seen it once. laughing and crying at the same time, whole person machiam under the influence of drugs, and she just sleeps the whole day, totally not doing anything! that time i never give up on her cause i still love her though.

but after i broke up with her i heard she had that mental illness again (thus the help with her job thing.) and im scared shes still under the effects of it since she just keeps pestering me like psycho.

its really ruining my life and stressing me out. I don noe what to do lor. call her parents? i got think want to call or not. but i and her parents not so close, and they are like really bo chup siao kinda people. and whats worse i think the mother don like me. haiz stress lar. donnoe what to dooooooooo.

and no i don want to change my hp number. why the hell should i bring trouble for myself just for her? knn. not worth it.

talking obviously doesnt help. i think i send 200+ msgs in one day already. haiz


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2 responses to “Protected: Enough is Enough

  1. dingochaos

    March 25, 2008 at 11:03 AM

    hmm now i wanna hear her side of the story keke

  2. dingo

    March 25, 2008 at 5:49 PM

    Her horse crap will overwhelm you, seriously

    But ya right, one should always hear both side of the story before coming to a conclusion, thus part of the reason why i kept this ‘protected’.

    anyways congrats on your successful ‘hacking’. lol though its kinda rude to intrude, but aye.. whatever, this IS the internet.


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