07 Feb

Just went to GV marina catch this show. Got really shitty seats as we booked quite late. (2 rows from the front.) So you can imagine now my neck and eyes is not in its best condition, so pardon me if my post sounds incoherent. Right, time for my ever famous half ass reviews of movie, ok ok this time I TRY to be as professional as possible.

And yes, do note that me friends and I missed about the first 20mins of the show due to bad time management. but luckily we never really miss much as it seems that the alien dog only appear after that. I presume the first 20mins is just an introduction to the father and son’s life. Anyways,


Father is poor like crazy(he can’t even afford to buy school uniform for his son), son is studying, lotsa difficulty and hardship. Son gets bullied in school. Father don’t understand him. blahblahblahblahblah same old shit. father found this ball. ball turn to alien dog. dog is cute. dog seems useless but is not. dog change life of father and son. so on and so forth. bah.

All i can say is the plot is extremely weak and tamade damn predictable like gila monster. the moment the dog appeared i already agar noe whats the ending going to be like. and from then on every scene just suddenly turns you into a accurate future predictor. Stephen Chow wants to make people cry, but i just think its epic fail. I mean the idea of using a cute thing to make you cry is like so… overused by tons of directors out there already. Stephen really needs to rack his brain for his next movie. the story is ok. nothing illogical. (except for the dog and some crazy funny scenes, but comedy cannot be so uptight one lar, so i give chance) but it is definitely not interesting whatsoever.

But of cause, Stephen still deserves the title of king of comedy lar. so long liao not rusty at all. some scenes is crazy funny man.


good meh? ok lar. so so lor. typical Made in PRC stuff.


Sunny by boney M. very nice. Listen to it here. The rest, most if not all resemble those from his previous movie. so-so



bio here

Stephen chow never fails to bring pretty babes to his show. tok kong! pretty like crazy. (to me lar)

*ahem* well ok lar stephen chow is veteran so yeah. the son and his schoolmate, ok lar. can make it. but nothing impressive really.


Wanna have a good laugh, go watch. Wanna cry or wanna see interesting story, forget it.

At 88mins, plus i miss 20mins, its really cheat my 9.50 and cab fare lar. I don’t even have the motivation to go and find out what i miss for the first 20mins. its like, totally just a show that you watch and forget immediately. apart from the alien dog being cute to a certain extent, this show doesn’t invoke any feelings in me, or make me go and think. and i will NEVER shed a tear for this kinda movie, ya will have to do better than that Stephen. My tears are more precious than normal people’s. HAHAHA.

remember i said give me 9.50 and I’ll go watch CJ7 instead of Kungfu dunk? totally regret saying that. now make me want to go watch kungfu dunk lor.

(speaking of cheat money. cab driver short change me 1 dollar. 😦 )

anyways, after the show we just went to he pan do nothing walk around see some chais. bought some stuffs to eat. and went home. boring new year’s eve/CNY celebration…

AHHHH time to sleep tmr/later early wake up go my 2nd uncle house eat those long long white stuff soupish shit i donnoe is call what but damn nice. beeen eating it every year since young. 2 big bowls at least! lol

Last but not least, ENJOY YOUR 1 kilo 50bucks bar kwas!!!!!! And have a great Chinese New Year!!!!! May you earn tons of ang pau money and deprive people of theirs by winning them in Dai Dee/Mahjong/ban luck/whatever gambling shit you play!!!!!

I shall be good boy and save for this year. HAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =x

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