now this is so wrong

13 Jan

watch AVP on channel 5 just now, and let me just say i am both a alien AND predator fanboy, books movies games, you name it i’ve touched it.

good god i want to cry after watching the movie. and seriously to tell u the truth i have no mood to write about how i feel after the movie, and since its what? 3-4 years back, i shall just leave it as that. ok maybe just a short summary.

although the movie, if you were to look at it BY ITSELF as a reference is abit below average, it is ABYSMAL! if you were to compare it with Alien, Aliens, predator 1 and 2 and even A:R!!!

its like..  watching a B grade horror movie WITH A RATING OF PG-13!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP! b grade horror already sucks liao, but no violence? little blood little gore???????????????????? what in the world….

its a classic example of what Hollywood is coming to, everybody just wants money money money! ” oh! take the previous franchise, use it to get more support, and massacre it.’ period.

Just so you know, when the movie first came out, i already knew it was gona flopped, so i couldnt bear to watch it and ruin the whole Aliens and Predator experience for myself, and boy was i glad.

the only reason why i changed my mind today was only because i have already passed the fanboy stage and well its time to move on? but but but…. the movie!!!! it just makes me wanna cry, seriously. everything just felt wrong.

the only redeeming quality about this show, is the story(or what little of it).. its abit unfathomable in some areas.. but its pretty minor and i don want to be a prick.

I was planning to catch AvP:R, but i was still unsure so i waited, today went and check on some review, man.. change director(directorS? haha) oso no use lar! still screw up! much better maybe? but still not what i expect. so NO WATCH! use Bukit Timah!

In my opinion, merging aliens and predators together is a bad idea, since its perfectly reasonable to say that costs will be much higher in producing it, and we all know that the formula of making a good movie is either you have a genius director at the helm, tons of money, or both.

to put it simply, costs will make people cut out lotsa things, including the story, the plot, the fight scenes (if any.) and hiring of capable staffs.

so to conclude, stay away from stuffs like this, AvP belongs in books and games, not movies.. human  actors are cheaper. 🙂

now excuse me, i want to go cry liao.

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