woot 2 sucky shows in two days.

31 Dec

I watched ultraviolet just now. my gf say its a sucky show while i was watching it at her house (scv, i don have at home), but i beg to differ as the first 15mins was nice, and due to time constraints i couldnt finish it so i acquire it myself to better judge the show.

so watched. welllll what can i freaking say… as usual lets start with the story:

erm… what story??? theres no story! theres only milla jovovich killing 1,300,203,301 soldiers for the entire duration of the show! in a cool way too!! never can get enough of that babe! woohoo

ahem. ok ok. lets just say the story is way too fast with no pace and proper development, pretty much shallow and boy does the one liner from Milla killllssss.. literally. such a sexy lady using lame one liners, omfgggg totally spoil her image.

you noe me, i don like or rather, too lazy to post up the storyline lar, aiya basically is race a fight race b race a want to use superweapon in the form of boy, so milla the sex goddess from race b rescue the boy and run here run there finally confront the big bad boss of race a blahblah




music wise so so

CGI some good some seriously bottomline bad like ding dong.

overall 5.5/10

higher than 7 swords cause i didnt use axe brand at all! ho seh!

alright finish.

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