WLM 9.0 *dl link found*

22 Dec

wow. apparently its out there somewhere right now, leaked before, tried to find but couldn’t, read some comments about those who got it and realised its not worth it really, tons of bugs and not compatiable with WLM plus!

though it sports some cool new features, according to some dude named Sunny

Hey, Windows live messenger 9 BETA has been leaked therefore it is available to download for limited time. I have it and the new features are
1) Animated Display Pics
2) Block && Report a Contact
3) Multi sign in support – you can sign in on the same account from alot of different pc’s at the same time

However alot of bugs and msn plus is not compatible.

Regards, Sunny Badwal

Animated DP! awesome.

well. lets just wait and see.

Read more here

EDIT* ah found the link for the installer, but rapidshare, sendspace all this.. hahaha! why don’t you try and let us know what it does? hoho njoy!


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