when in rome, do as the romans do.

20 Dec

i always believe in this saying, especially when the topic in question involves the internet, i mean where else.. or should i say what means are there that allows you to visit so many different ‘countries’ at the comfort of your own home??

thats why i always try to use proper and understandable engrand when interacting with other people from other countries, especially so when talking with ang mohs, of cause its NOT because i bow down to them, but rather, because the english language, in the first place, belongs to them.. this applys to a couple of things, including but not limited to forums, or multiplayer games.

thats why i find it extremely irritating when people use either Singlish or some other language other than the engrand language when obviousy 90% of readers don understand what the crapshit you’re talking.

and since there really isn’t much to comment about regarding languages that i have no knowledge in the first place, i shall exprain my thoughts using singlish as a example. but first let me just voice out my stand:

seriously, let me just say that i have no qualms with Singlish, and as a matter of fact, im proud of it as it is unique! screw those bigoted high class A level elites who think that its very ‘degrading’ and ‘low class’. and screw this idiots who think setting up classes teaching you how to use proper english is good and LOVEEEEE to use singlish as a BAD example. (i mean if you just wanna teach people good english, fair enough, no reason to argue, but if you teach people english WHILE using Singlish as a BAD example, then obviously you have something against singlish, and that, mister, pisses me off. cant you just teach people good english without poking fun at Singlish? jeez. REMEMBER MORONS, singlish IS UNIQUE, NOT BAD.)

ok enough rant. going straight back to topic..

well the reason i don’t really like it is that i feel that you ain’t respecting the reader in question. i mean how would you feel if other people from other country starts to ask you a question, but the language is peppered with some of his own unique style which you totally don’t freaking understand? (think brack man song.)

i mean it is not extremely HARD to take away the singlish, just don’t add in the MEH, LAH, LEI etc can liao what. i mean even if your engrand is boink until cannot boink and your grammer sucks, at least it is less difficult to interpret than suddenly adding a mysterious word that makes the other person think ‘wth? is that a question? a answer? or simi lanpa?’

right or not?

and somehow, i always feel that people who don’t speak or in this case, type in proper engrand, are those that are very insensitive and selfish. its like wth, who cares whether or not you understand what i saying, MY fellow countryman and I understand can liao. blame it on the fact that you never learn our language! (lol last part added for fun.)

if you really think like that ar, then you must be a really sad sad person.

bottomline is, be understandable, and I’m sure most people won’t treat you like a retard and ignore you.

and let me just say i will be damn damn irritated when not only the person in question use singlish, but oso MASSACRE singlish by modifying it into twitish and hwz-customized english. zomfg, that person should just die.

anyways this are just all my thoughts lar hor, good if you agree with me, but if you don’t well i oso don’t give a damn, so save it.

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