I went to teh zoo! after so many years!hahah

02 Dec

I forgot to mentioned that I’ve found another part time job working for this events co-ordinating company. pays good but the company’s management ar… abit cmi. but nvm that, anyways, today we went to the ZOO! to promote go diego go! some new cartoon from nickelodeon. overall the job was pretty much slack, abit of sai kang warrior but after that we got a chance to walk around the zoo for freeeee! hahaha

so took some photos whenever we visited a certain attraction, there’s tonsssss of photos and i donnoe whether im free enough to post all but i’ll try my best lar hor. and pardon me for the poor quality in the pics and lack of knowledge about the animal’s name.


Antelopes! or something like that. i think.


Black monkey. even face is black i cant even see it properly in real life. (NO RACISM INTENDED!)


chimps! hahah so funny the one in the middle was actually eating and eating while the one at the left had a very digusting butt, not shown here as we saw it in real life and the last thing i want to take a photo of is that of a disgusting monkey butt. theres oso one very funny sit alone at one corner damn anti-social! cross arms somemore. haha


elephants! the show zhun zhun over when we reach there but we managed to see people getting tok by paying 5 bucks to feed the elephants with a few bananas. ho than ho jiat ar!


Emu! Emu! they are weird and cute at the same time. their eggs are big! haha


some relative of the emu i think, cannot remember the name lei. very chime and funny.


i forgot what this are…. squirrels? some kinda desert rodents?? one bugger actually was lame enough to dig a hole damn near the window, as if trying to escape. hahaha


wah lan eh! false gavials! sibei scary. jj say they look fake as they were just idling there with their mouths wide open totally no move at all. he even ‘ask’ them to close their mouth to prove that they are real. siao lang.


Giraffe. i think they were having dinner time, we went there they just all show backside eat and eat. cannot take good photo. too bad


pygmy hippos! a baby and its parent. they are very small compared to those Nile ones.


Cheetahs, according to the info pane they can leap like 6m in one stride, so the gap between us and them were quite huge, thus quality not so good. my k810i is ultimately a hp only. haha


this little buggers are fast i tell u, they are small nimble and agi monkeys lor. run here run there i couldnt even take a good shot! luckily one stopped to munch on something. but still not clear lei. haha one funny thing is they run around the same point all the time. machiam waypoints, jj say machiam CS bots like that haha


Can you spot this animal?? CLUE: Reptile.


Kangaroos!!!!!!!! kangaroos are small according to quek. its only wallabies that are suppose to be big.


More kangaroos!!!!!!! must promote abit. hehe


Wallabies??? or still kangaroos? donnoe. feed them for 5 bucks! they are greedy little creatures! haha


eat non stop.


Leopard. meh.


RAWRRR! ji tao sit there pose like super star like that sia. many people take picture of him he damn happy. haha


march march march. JJ leslie and quek


meerkat den. haha they are funny. later tell u why.


Sentry duty! enemy spotted! fire in the hole! phew phew phew! bang bang boom! lol hahah ok lame -.-


all thats missing is chairs tables bbq pit and ice cold lager! lol


ostriches. peck the ground peck and peck and peck. donnoe peck what. finding soft soil so can dig and hide? lol


scare me sia, tot it died. but its actually asleep. weird place to fall asleep. must have had a heavy lunch this bugger. this are otters btw and they stink. seriously.


Beauty appears in places you’d least expect! hahahah jj say why he never open the fan, i tell him thats normal, cause if he open infront of 4 guys, then really is something wrong liao.


Desert penguins! lol gong gong sia they all stand there donnoe doing what.


pumas, sorry they were prowling around too much to get a good shot. and i suck as a photographer.


CHARGEEEE!!!! they stink too. worse than the otters.


Snapping turtles. sibei badass looking and totally don move one! they open their mouths and lure preys into it by moving their worm like tongue. hoho we did see it move abit to get some air though. jj seem excited for some reason when it did so.


squirrels. many many many run here run there.


Tai Ni Po Ni! lol


some weird blue bird.


weird ears cat. at first it was facing the rock at the back, then suddenly something seems to had shocked it and it turned around so fast i tot it was going to jump through the fence. but it just went to idling mode. never even bother to look at me when i take the pic. bad subject.


weirdddd fish.. has a snout like a alligator. hmm


eeehaaaaa! a well hung horse. lol


white tiger! jj fav! it kept prowling around the same spot for like 10mins lor. jj say he thinking of ways to jump across so he can slash our heads off. damn they are big!


Zeeeebraaaasss! there was actually one solo kia with a crow on its back. weirdd. and i donnoe whats that t shape line doing there… now then i noticed. oh well.

ok thats all the rest of the pics are just reshots. so no point posting. missed the orang utans cause they were too fucking high up the trees! lol

We did went and see Inuka the polar bear though, and just like the white tiger it kept moving from point A to B and back to A! so end up no picturese cause too chiat lat cant take a good shot of inuka. oh well..

wah sibei damn tamade the tired. 5.30am till now haven sleep. nearly 24hours lie. ok gone koon! hope u enjoy the pics!

*ALL pics were taken with SE k810i and resized to fit my blog, hence the somewhat not so good quality. Actual pics are abit more clear.

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