I very the confused just now watched that HERO.

18 Nov

yes. so confused my title became so zabalang even.  and no, i wasnt watching that ang moh version. i watched the i can give you gatsby version on channel U just now.

I was quite puzzled with the beginning, the cast of characters(apart from kimura) and the ending, cause somehow its like.. a cliffhanger? and the cast looks abit weird, since when did takako turned into Ayase????!

and just so you noe, i totally donnoe anything about this show at all apart from abit of background knowledge of the story and cast.

so i did a general search around and was even MORE puzzled then before. until i did a very very in-depth search and finally managed to piece everything together.

and now i feel like a fool after scanning tru the tv guide over at mediacorp.

lol. its only the special episode they are airing, and i don think they will continue with teh actual 11 epi 2001 hero from there.

but nevertheless its still a nice show by itself.

now to go d-addicts! heheh

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