12 Nov

rubber tub tub, i noe long time no update, i want to blame it on server downtime, but i noe thats lame because it was ok since donnoe when.. but..

ok lar ok lar! knn i lazy okkkkk?!

lol busy lor. very busy lor! thursday went to sls get parts for dee’s new com then go ikea get some furnitures for dee’s room, come back tired like mad.

friday is nua at home, sat work, and sun go dee house setup computer. busy like crazy.

totally nothing much to say except for tatarah, yes the lowest unique bid website is no long the lowest unique bid website, now its just like ebay + fleece you even before you bid + only option is the ‘buy it now’ button.

damn lame lar, and i even was so high enough to keep promoting it, now they make me look like a gay fool after changing all the rules, they might as well change their name to ebay v2.31 sua.

nvm forget it. they think they can earn more money like that than up to them lor…

ok tired sibei tired. bloglessssss

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