lets recap.

27 Oct

so lets recap what i actually did this during this.. erm weekdays.

mon – totally no go school , cause first day is always boring day. and looking at the freaking timetable discouraged me even further. at night ron/css with jj they all.

tues – wanted to go but couldn’t wake up. at night ron/css with jj they all

wednesday – woke up but late, and since only left 2 hours, nah.. skipped. it was raining somemore lor. obviously someone don want me to go. spend the whole day nua-ing at home as dee was using the computer. at night ron with ah dumb and leslie.

thursday – no go cause the only tut canceled. lectures can go fuck themselves. at night ron/css with jj they all.

friday – woke up early, but my sub conscience went and switch on the com and click on the Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots Desktop shortcut. end up never go. at night css with jj. the rest all die.

WEEEEE. so there you go. first week totally no go school at all. and i practically did the same damn thing every night this week. just like what guest_3712 said, perhaps i really need to get a life, now all I need is for someone to tell me where to find one…. hmm

hopefully nothing of this sort happens next week. hopefully…….

I WANT TO SEE CHOW KK FACE. I wanna disturbs him. lol

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