a question for you to ponder. (however ridiculus it may sound.)MNBSFW

16 Oct

so, i came upon this topic somewhere asking whether it is right to *the M word* while fantasizing about other girls if you have a gf.

And scanning through alllllllllll the response, i find it sibei the damn fucking funny. with all due respect, there WERE quite sensible replies(IMHO) but some ar.. really just shows how ignorant some people can be.

the TC himself stated that he thinks that it is wrong to actually ‘master-bed’ while thinking about other girls if you have a gf and he is trying his very best to change.

he claims that his friend does it all the time and say that its out of respect for his gf that he doesn’t think of her while ‘master-bedding’. TC thinks thats just a lame excuse.

other interesting and funny replies include(but not limited to):

‘if you think it is wrong, its wrong, if you think its right, its right.’ (how fucking zen.)

‘the best thing is to stop ‘master-bedding.’ (christian. CONFIRM TAI CHOP!)

lol. ok Im gona put in some effort this time and stop dismissing those replies as invalid and stupid. its your own personal opinions and well you do what you want with your sex life. i ain’t no doctor. so no comments other thn those in brackets above. the rest is up to you readers.

to me, i personally think that its absolutely ok to ‘master-bed’ while thinking about another girl if you have a gf. BUT I don’t practise that. simply because after discovering the internet, i have others… more……. ‘enhancing’ ways of relieving myself.

but again, as stated earlier, if somehow for some godforsaken reason i don’t have access to the internet or stayed ignorant to the wonders of things that ‘excite the male hormones’, i will still think it is ok.

simply because of the need of every human being in the world to seek the ever evasive thing called ‘perfection’.

granted, you may have the most beautiful women ever alive to be your gf, but definitely and very obviously, nothing in this world is perfect, she must be lacking in something you seek after awhile, and perhaps by chance, you managed to find this in another girl.

plus the fact that allllllllll guys in this world are horny bastards(ok most lar, happy?), and its practically in our genes to practise the act of having many womens in our lives, stuffs like this are bound to happen.

but the bottomline is, a thought is still a thought what, as long as no genius comes out with a mind reading machine, whats wrong with it? you treat your gf good and don stray, i think ‘master-bedding’ to some other girl you noe (or maybe multiple girls if you have a orgy fetish) is perfectly fine. its human nature to relieve sexual tension, and sometimes, you just need something ‘fresh’ after doing the same thing over and over again, just jolly well make sure your fantasy stays what it is. JUST A FANTASY.

and what makes you think you gf thinks about YOU and YOU only when she is ‘master-bedding’?

lol, i would only be worried if someone(children not included) told me that all his life, he has never attempted to and NEVER will ‘master-bed’. wahh this kind ar really is need to see doctor already. something wrong up and down there. confirm.

and just to add on, i find it pretty fine too to ‘master-bed’ and/or watch porn even if you have a gf. some researchers called this a phenomenon, i called it a hobby, as long as the porn you watch is not illegal or weird and your sex life is totally unaffected.


on to a totally unrelated thing,

read the chinese newspaper just the other day and samsung(or isit motorola?) or donnoe which hp company discovered a way to use water as an energy source for hp battery! its even touted to last twice as long as a standard lithium ion battery.

though its predicted to be available to the masses only in 2010.

nice addition really, i mean after getting my k810i, seriously i just wonder, hp nowadays improve this improve that, add this add that, but how come the battery still like that? 2 days only flat! (hey! sounds like a rap after reading thru it. hahaha)

compare with my old 6020, which can last me for like 5 days without charging, I have come to conclude that nowadays either manufacturers are damn lazy to focus their improvements on their batteries, or lithium ions is starting to CMI already.

but what my friend say oso makes sense lar : ‘nowadays people want small small hp, everything shrink, of cause battery oso must shrink lar, battery shrink lower capacity lor.’

hopefully this water-powered battery can become mainstream soon and phase out li-ons.

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