wow. CoD4 demo blew me away.

13 Oct

Although it was a bit short, (i completed it in 30mins?)

but but the graphics, the gameplay, everything! WOW! awesome man!

i seriously cant wait for the game to come out, i may even get the original just so i can play multiplayer! LOL

i read in gamefaqs people complaining about it being too CoD2 and 3, which i find totally nonsense, i mean if its not similar to previous CoD, then how can it be called CoD?

lol, do you want it to play like counterstrike?

thats the problem with consumers, change something, complain (COH: OF), don’t change anything, complain also. (CoD4)

hard to please the mass eh?

who cares what they think, this fucking game is fucking awesome! GAME OF THE YEAR MATERIAL! and I can just say its way fucking better thn that stupid medal of honor: airborne. bah fucking waste of my time. lol

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