Pushing daisies – reviving the dead!

12 Oct

lol just watched the first two episodes of Pushing daisies,

its a comedy series about this guy who can revive the dead by touching them, but got consequences one lar, if he touch someone the person revived for more thn 60 seconds, any one living thing near the person will die. its like one to one exchange like that lar. ALSO, if he touch the revived person another time, the person is dead, permanently.

so basically he just use this skills, together with his detective friend to revive dead murder victims and ask them who killed them lor.

its sorta lyk a crime solving comedy series lar and i must say, can fight with LOST lei. too bad i heard its lyk only 13 series. (2nd season?) give it a shot if you dig shows like this. hoho

btw, FIR’s new album is nice!

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