finally! my great spree has officially ended (sort of)

12 Oct

so yes, madness, finally everything is swee swee and zhai zhai.

It all started 3 months ago when jj they all wanted to change com, being the competitive me(imagine you play lan with your friends and you lag like fuck. no play play ok.) i couldnt lose out even though my com has been like only 2 years old while theirs was already 5 years old.

so basically went mad and change things, starting starting(july) got a

Xpertvision 8600GT sonic from potterhouse – 199

Verudium powerxt 480W – 80

then after that found out processor all this really bottlenecking, so went ahead(after a few weeks) and change to:

E6750  + gigabyte P35 DS3 and Patriot 2x 1GB 800Mhz – 700? or 600++ lar

so pretty satisfied with it until 2 months later i go mad again and decided to change my graphic card and PSU to:

eVGA 8800GTS 320mb – 466

Silverstone Element Plus 500W – 100 (2nd hand, 2 month old)

then sold my 8600GT to my friend for 160 and just deal with some stranger and sold my verudium for 60 dollars.

muahahaha now everything is complete and good to go!

total damage =  $1325

now.. i am completating whether or not to change my 5 year old specs…. i mean usually i will just change but everybody just keep saying wait until go army then change, which i have like 1 and a half more years to go before enlisting…

abit long lei, i mean i oso noe don waste money, thats why i want to get those $50 frames + lens kinda specs…

but… hmm still giving it some thought lar.

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