as suay as can be.

07 Oct

chao turtle, how suay can I be??

2nd time i buy something from ebay and 2nd time tio problem!(the first time i bought a psp external batt, oso got problem, lazy to explain, check archive) some problems with the screen protector i bought,

can you imagine?! screen protector oso got problem. KNN i am so tulan. and somemore its such a stupiddddddddddd problem. hard to explain but i’ll try with the help of the pic.


you see, the one on the left and the one on the right is just some ordinary plastic thingy used to protect the actual screen guard in the middle(like a hamburger, left and right is the bread, the one on the middle is the patty.), notice the blue sticker, its there so that you can peel away the ordinary plastic thingy easily so you can paste the screenguard onto your phone. and the red sticker(or what remains of it.) is SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE LEFT ordinary plastic thingy. BUT FOR SOME STUPID REASON, it changed place and got itself stuck on the screenguard itself. and also, the clearance for the front camera oso wrong place, suppose to be on the right, but it somehow situated itself on the left. normally you can say flip over can liao, but the thing is the sticky part is one side only! and the red sticker? how? knn


so i try to peel it away the red sticker hoping that it can solve the problem and thats what happened. chao turtle, i think this is just human error or manufacturing defect, but for it to happen to me, the 2nd time somemore.

kaoz, bth! luckily! this time is not meet up one to one, is send thru post. i email the person, hopefully this time he can send me one with no problem at all.

Im really a jinx of ebay. I PRAY my 2gig M2 card, crystal case and m2 card reader comes to me in one piece with no problem at all. i pray. grrrrrr

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