04 Oct

woot i forgot to mention in my previous post i got my k810i ! starhub recontract! (the price so powderful lor.) lol

initially i tot the keypad was sucky, but after getting the phone and trying it out, im vey surprised its actually not as bad as i tot, actually its quite smooth and easy lor, since they are more spread out unlike the k800i.  i have big hands btw. so if i can use it with no problem i think most people wont ba.

but SE still sucks when it comes to no-T9 smsing, which unfortunately, i am accustomed to since donnoe when. grrr.. time to start from scratch.

and did i mentioned this is my first SE phone?! lol. gotta remind myself space is # and not 0. lol

the box is so nice da. i donnoe why but i just find the overall design of the box to be nice. hohoehahahahohoehe. initially I wanted to get the gold one, but then the starhub man say gold no resale value? maybe im ignorant or something, but i find it totally no logic to judge a phone value based on its color? and anyways, i think gold should fetch higher price if u sell away since not much people is using it and as a result its deemed as a unique phone, and seriously speaking, in singapore, your hp NEEDS to be unique. lol ok thats just me. nvm. i got the noble blue anyways.

they selling the red color one but out of stock, but doesn’t matter to me since I totally don lyk red color oso.

its still charging now so i cant do anything with it. sian, stuck with sucky default ringtones. nvm, i shall go do some song editing first.

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