oh did i tell u?

25 Sep

the day before while studying my fmf for the whole night and early morning without sleep watsoever, i got hungry at around morning so went and did a really stupid thing, ordered the mcdelivery breakfast bundle, comes with

1x big breakfast with hashbrowns (2 to be exact, donnoe why they put hashbrownS, make people guess.)
1x Sausage Mcmuffin

1x hotcakes

and 2x Cappuccino (s)

15 dollars plus 2 dollars delivery charge.

and i ate it all. yes. im mad, but do you noe how wonderful a feeling is to be able to eat soooooooooooo damn full for mcdonald’s breakfast or not? eat so long never really had that feeling, but anyways, its not even considered breakfast to me since i haven even slept, and according to expert, the first meal you take after u wake up is breakfast, regardless of time, and the last meal before you sleep is considered supper, so there you have it, i was taking my supper.  heck i slept at 9pm ytd. so its even considered my lunch and dinner.

so wake up just now, and by my watch, 30 hours without food and counting. 🙂

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