holding the iphone for 10mins give me a sense of….. POWER! -.- lame.

23 Sep

yes. held it, played with it, and find it a totally awesome phone!

and in case you’re wondering, no its not mine, my angmoh friend drop by sin for a holiday and let me played with it for awhile. im gona give another half ass review about it.

first thing u will notice of cause is the screen is tamade the big. 2nd thing would be the touch sensor responsiveness is ultra accurate. unlike other touch screen u must press really hard or you must really aim zhun zhun then can get the corright function u want.

3rd thing is in order to unlock the touchguard, you have to slide your fingers to the  right along the guided ‘box’, hard to explain lar. but thats about it.

4th thing is the phone is full of shitty ‘meant for business’ function.

lastly, its uber slick and cool. and the weight is agar around a ipod weight lyk that lar.

it oozes class and sophistication, definitely get it if ya those chic and high class type. as for me, i wont really get it due to the fact that

1) its really too classy liao lar, its lyk a PDA phone(cept 10x cooler). im still young ok. young people should use funky phone.

2) itunes. nuff said.

3) currently the phone in singapore got sell, 1150 according to my friend. where got money sio!? in case ya wondering, the phone u still need to sign with AT&T, the only reason singapore sell is because they chopping tourist’s head.

4) my fingers too fat. if your fingers are too, good luck smsing people.


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