hmm Otakuology anyone?

20 Sep

so managed to get this link from Dee, showcasing this Japanese(again!) entertainment show where they hire this uber famous and ultra cute *breathes in deep* cosplayer cum blogger cum actress cum singer cum voice actor cum Illustrator, *gasp for air* Nakagawa Shoko to teach this tomboyish singer(wada Akiko, she freaking stands at 1.74cm) some lesson about Otakuology as she Shoko is uber knowledgeable when it comes to anything otaku.

some background information about the cast and the definition of ‘Otaku’ (or u can just watch the clip.)

Shoko Nakagawa

Wada Akiko

The Definition of Otaku

teaching Otakuology

haha damn funny lar.

where is my blardy Def Jam fight for New York game????? i totally cannot find, probably lend it to someone and completely forgotten about it.

i want to replay it after getting my hands on Def Jam Fight for New York: The Takeover on the psp……………. 😦 which i completed it in one day.

tamade medal of honor airborne less thn a day, now this one oso less thn a day. games are getting more cheat money already. not that it matters to me.. hehehe

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