the mocca bodybuilder dude is one hell of a lucky charm!!!

17 Sep

ok i guess most of you have seen this funny commercial from mocca, people i’ve talked to responded differently to it, some say its disgusting(strangely most who gave this comment were girls.), while other simply laugh their assess off while watchin it.

me belong to the latter. but anyways do u noe?

near the end, the last 4 digits shown on the back of the dude open 4D??? yes. Yesterday’s draw. 3rd price somemore.

if you don believe me, take a look at the clip again.


(i’ve watched it acouple of times and i still find it funny… ermm.. ok.. lolol)

then go to singaporepools 16th sept draw (sun) look at the 3rd price. hahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha


/me ROFL at his pose on the bedroom bed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

*EDIT: after looking at the previous two commercials (the sell car and buy dog one), its the same number! i guess its their public relations or marketing dept numbers? lol

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