I now pronounce you chuck and larry

14 Sep


haha just finish watching this show, and no it has nothing to do with tat teacher’s gay blog incident or whatever. i ‘obtained’ it way way way before all that crap..

my stand is clear; i don give a fuck if ya homosexual, asexual, bisexual, trisexual, quadsexual or whatever, as long as no funny funny antics come from you that is directed at me, then im absolutely fine with it, ya still human and i see no reason to outcast you simply because your sexual orientation is different, thats so…. shallow; how can you just judge someone simply because he/she is gay/lesbians or whatnot?? of cause i think people (one wonder why the current top post as of now in involves girls kissing….. dodododo ) are more tolerant towards girl/girl relationships, probably i guess thats because guys are perceived as absolutely 100% ‘no sissyfulness’ since eons ago. and don give me all that crap about ‘oh thats because some higher entity said so.’

you might as well put your brain for sale, it’d definitely be worth more thn mine; cause its seldom used.

anyways back to topic,

yes. nice show, its about two firemans, Chuck (Adam Sandler) and Larry ( Kevin James) who are best buds, well im not too sure about american laws, but apparently Larry, who is a ‘widow’ with two kids is worried about his safety and his child’s wellbeing after this accident where he saved Chuck… and wants to allow his kids to have his pension if anything bad were to happen to him but somehow just cannot due to ‘just follow law’ if ya noe what i mean, so yeah he ask chuck to do him a favor lar; be domestic partners with him so that they can enjoy domestic partner benefits.. or something lyk that.

blahblahblah so they go thru the live of gay and get exposed to the world of gays, so on and so forth… Adam Sandler is as funny as usual, kevin james played his own role well too.

and boy, those layyyy—-disssssssss in the movie are sizzling hot too. (cept for some, lyk the.. erm maid of larry. brrr) Jessica biel especially, man i totally donnoe her existence until today, her butt is WOAH. i mean seriously.. W-O-A-H. nice figure, and her face… wOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

haha the soap scene thingy was lame, i tot its only practised in Singapore, i mean hell i tot it was something thats only understandable in Singapore, guess i was wrong.

though come to think of it i never really get the point about the soap thing i mean yeah u bend down pick up the soap you get exposed, but.. i just don think its possible for you to be THAT vulnerable.

*arhem anyways getting back on track, funny show, but doesn’t really evoke any ‘gay awareness’ feelings in me since as mentioned im really a sorta anything kinda guy, to me its just a typical comedy + Jessica Biel FTW lol.

though any idiot would have realised that the ending was pretty much a fairy tale, i mean seriously, lets face it, theres still a long way to go before homosexuality becomes widely accepted, not impossible, yes. now? no. and especially when you use homosexuality as a front to cheat the govt.

I’d recommend it if you are a fan of any of the actors in it, or just want a good laugh and see some pretty babes too, and of cause if you are interested in gay stuffs, regardless of whether or not ya one. no worries, this show wont make you cringed in a bad way.

3/5 ( funny, but no deep meanings whatsoever that i could analyze, at least for me that is.)

another thing, last few days i read newspaper talk about britney spears really bad performance during the MTV award show, i was wondering how bad is bad?? so i go and do a search and woah, speechless really, thats the first time i actually pay more attention to those dancers thn to the actual singer him/herself…..

Best shitty dance ever.

and if you have a problem with britney! pls… deal with him first! seriously this one is must watch, this guy’s a looney. seriously.


and one more thing, lol so many one more thing lately. well anyways i just search around watching streaming videos and chance upon this..

best apology ever

HAH! in your face SPGs out there, not all ang mohs are sensitive one ok. lol, this guy obviously donnoe how to apologise properly to a girl.

and of cause, this one takes the cake, this dude can go audition for jackass already. seriously. i laughed my ass off (pun intended) when the rocket lighted up. lol what was he thinking?


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