13 Sep

ok recently finished Letter from Iwo Jima.

awesome man, i mean normally i just don lyk to watch US and A war movies simply because its the same old thing; battle of normandy, the germans, the russians, blahblahblahblahblahblah you get the point, even games such as CoD and etc are mostly based on those that i’ve mentioned previously. (though CoD is still an awesome game.) i mean yeah once in a while there’s rare movie depicting other less ‘fortunate’ cases such as the vietnam war for example, but thats lyk so rare man.

well this show just refreshes everything, a little bit of history lessons for you guys, very abstract kinda since i aint no history teacher.

the battle of Iwo Jima was the first battle ever fought on Japanese soil

basically it was one of the fiercest one, out of 21,000 japanese soldier, only 216 were taken prisoner (yeah the rest died.)

it was the first battle to ever have the highest number of american soldier casualties thn japanese.

the american soldiers casualties were greater thn that during D-day.

Lt-gen Kuribayashi Tadamichi is quite radical in his general war strategy, for instance, forbidding any form of suicide or suicide attacks, preferring to preserve his men by asking them to retreat if they are losing (quite a big deal for them since its such a big ‘dishonor’.)

they say they want to take iwo jima cause its a strategic location and got air field, but postwar analysis just say that the island was totally useless.

all this info is basically from wiki, so not accurate don blame me ar.

anyways, the movie is of cause based on actual events, with some dramatization lar of cause. im so damn fucking lazy to give a in-depth review, so i would just say ar…

storyline was good, except since its made by the americans, the film has sorta leaned more towards the americans of cause(lyk all good japanese soldier have in some way kena influenced by the american’s way of life), even though they say its based on ‘the japanese’s point of view’. well i think shows that are based on historic events have one good advantage, cause they cant really stray to far or make things TOO illogical.

actors were professional, ken wantanabe especially, the rest were ok ok. i don particularly feel anything about that saigo dude, everytime i see him i just think well he’s just there simply because a movie need somesort of ‘plot’ to attract viewers mah, cant expect them to just show you bang bang boom boom from the start till the end right?

music was particularly nice i must say, i lyk the tune. not bad.

thing i want to highlight is basically about the general and overall ‘workings’ of the japanese soldiers, their thinking, their way of live, and how they feel about the battle. i must say that their ‘code of honour’ really really really runs very deep. in case somehow you miss out on japanese history, to them fighting to the death and not retreating is the right way to go, even if the odds are against them. retreating is total cowardice and is punishable by execution.

i think its oso because of this that they don really lyk the americans, since the ang mohs is ‘live to fight another day’ sorta ideology.

and because of this, i find it astonishing that this kuribayashi dude quite amazing to simply defy the age old practice of ‘dying in the name of honor’. truly respectable i would say.

well as for me, i take particular favoritism to the quote ‘I have no use for you if you’re dead.’ well what can i say im a logical and practical man.

im particularly interested in getting the book ‘Picture Letters from the Commander in Chief’ and ‘So sad to fall in battle’. Kino has the latter i think. expensive though. 44.10? argh

anyways, yeah thats about it, another one of my half ass reviews added to my collection. sheesh i really gotta brush up my skill and be abit more tidy next time. pardon me if you’ve managed to endure till this point.

anyways on a lighter note, i finally understand the meaning of ‘I donnoe whether i should laugh or cry.’ seriously. steven lim ar… haiz. hahahahahaha

Steven Lim’s Very First Original 原创Music Video “上海女生”

And yes, results are out, AS EXPECTED, i fail my Financial Management and Forecasting. hohehaheho, hey at least i pass acon, which initially i tot i fail. phew! supp paper loooooooooo.

sucks. waste of time.

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