12 Sep

i forgot to mention in my previous post that this past few days i’ve been fighting a ‘war’ with my lcd monitor, evviiiilll little thing, ever since i got it i’ve always been bothered by the blardy brightness. probably thats because i’ve been using my previous com for years now and it came with a screen protector that doubles as a ‘brightness dim-ner’. ( damn paiseh but right now my brain cannot think of the right word to use) or it could just be this blardy monitor was factory ‘optimised’ badly.

anyways, basically its lyk, on the desktop i set the settings to the brightness and contrast and gamma and whatever to the level that my eyes is pleasant with, but once i go into a game, BAM! it is dark lyk donnoe what, so in the game i have to repeatedly alt tab in and out just to test out what is suitable (yes, this is another cock problem: my monitor brightness and contrast level the difference between 0 and 100 is minimal. i have to use my nvidia control panel to set. cb) and once i find the right calibration for the game, i would continue to play the game until i go back to the desktop, and BAM! too bright. -.-

so basically what i have to do is actually find a ultimate setting that can both work in-game, and on the desktop itself, took my 4 blardy days and countless free internet monitor calibration guides to finally get me this result, still a bit tad bright, but then again, its way way way way way better thn before, my eyes just needs to get used to it i guess.

damn it, i think my myopia just increased itself. hell i determined not to get a LG monitor next time. damn regret never fork out 20 bucks more to get the samsung one. what to do, no money suck thumb lor.

samsung is still the best lar.

again this is the 2nd time im saying this, i keep wanting to blog about ‘the things around us are slowly depreciating and ‘downgrading’.’ but i just keep don have the ‘feel’ you noe? will probably do it when i do. writer’s block it seems. haha

tot of the day: why nowadays so many so-called ‘FTs’ in chingapore ar? i thought its only prevalent in office working/ hard labour environment, but now i see them on tv(with dub when they speak of cause, muahahah) , i see more of them on the streets, in shops, in toilets, blahblah you get the point. the hell i even see them in my dreams! what up man?

I tell you, probably 100 years down the road, where i guess i’ll be reduced to just ashes, there will be no more singaporeans in singapore. although i believe the govt’s aim of ‘multi-racial society’ would have by then be more.. prevalent. hoho crapzor

HAHAHAHAHAHA wtf, who is this luo bai ji ji? seriously, this guy is funny, hahah chui la ba is a nice song.

chui la ba means blow trumpet, literally speaking, but the real meaning is blowjob lar. haahahahaha its funny lar, so gan lame.

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