hmmm this is hard

11 Sep

right sorry peeps for the less thn often update(lol does it matter?), working my ass off lately to pay off my debt.

anyways, been reading the newspaper almost everyday as usual (i only read them while working. my job is slack, what else can i say?) and i chance upon this interesting report about the govt coming up with a survey asking whether

you’d rather die at home, or die at the hospital? ( of cause when you’re near to death due to erm.. death causing reason lar, if i have another choice, i’ll choose to live forever just so i can witness the end of the world. *evil laughter*)

well obviously this sorta question have nvr cross my mind until now, and come to think of it.. its a interesting question, cause im pretty much in a dilemma whether or not to actually die at home, or die at the hospital. i guess thats simply because its still a long long time (i hope) before i r able to make this decision, and seriously, right now there’s really no pros and cons that will affect me in my decision; its lyk my mind is just anything lor! maybe if my time comes and i have a wonderful family, i’ll probably choose home, or if the hospital service and amenities really good ar, then i choose hospital. as for now its just anything i guess.


anyways, i so happen to find this interesting link, for those of you who download AVs, either thru torrent or direct download, im sure you’ll sometimes see this word ‘NIKE’ somewhere.. well, NIKE is a internet moniker of this dude who distributes 90% of the internet world’s NEW JAV. yes. 90%. and lately he seem to be missing. which is of cause not very nice for JAV lovers out there. here’s a hongkong (or china? i think hk yeah.) wiki about him.


weeeeee. time to watch letters from iwo jima, just suddenly feel lyk watching. haha

tot of the day: if every single living humans out there have the same mentality and thinking, words such as ‘criticism’, ‘opinions’ or etc will never be in the dictionary.

PS: is cocking up lyk madness.


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2 responses to “hmmm this is hard

  1. Jason

    September 11, 2007 at 5:41 AM

    Sorry bout messing up, been trying to sort out some server problems… :] Let me know if more stuff messes up

  2. dingo

    September 12, 2007 at 1:58 AM

    hey no problem, thanks for the clarification


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