02 Sep

haha and i just found one old school game for the PSX that i only played once but had fond memories of, simply because i played it with my buddies and BOY! it was freaking hellva fun! so long i still remember lol. thanks to one of my bud JJ, which manage to find this:


HAHAH i think this is a super wulu game that i don think much, if any, people will noe about. basically its lyk a board game, the ‘board’ here though is a building, you control a person as your token, then u roll a dice, and your token will move around the building, each ‘step’ is a shop, so u land on that step u can choose u want to buy that shop or not, shops are ranked according to floors; first floor being the cheapest and top floor being the most expensive(more expensive shop sells more expensive things). each shop oso sells it’s own things, comics shop sells comics, food shop sells food. DUH. ok u get the point,

so anyways, after u get the shop of yours, you nid to stock up on the things u want to sell, things are a little fuzzy here for me from now, but anyways, IIRC, you can choose different ‘levels’ of items, just lyk a real shop in real life, which sells cheap things and expensive things ya noe?

yep so anyways how to win (or lose) the game? simple, once u get the shop, you sit back and wait for the other player to suay suay step on it lor, its machiam monopoly lar, with choice. as mentioned previously, you can stock up different ‘levels’ of goods, people who step on your shop will of cause have a choice of what to buy then. so basically its best to stock up on ONLY expensive things in your shop, which of cause i did. haha.

basically you can just win by getting the most(or all if ya lucky and rich)shop at the top floor and stock up on the most expensive things lar, thats the best and most obvious strategy liao lor.

haha. fun game really. hahahah too bad now no psx. 😦 though can emulate on PSP! hoho but JJ lost the disc… boo hoo

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