pubberizing pisckin.

30 Aug

right i don even noe wtf that title means. 25hours without sleep and counting. still doesnt beat my old record of 46 hours. (or somewhere near there) but if you were to count the total hours i’ve actually slept throughout this week, perhaps can already beat the 46 hours record, from monday to today i think i only got a total of 9 hours of sleep. brr

I’m feeling old. i mean, last time no sleep nong time no problem, now ar, less then 16 hours feel lyk bones cracking and neck snapping already.

haiz. old man old man. scheikena fouraniea. HOHO its easy to make up words when you’re in a daze and try to think. lol but seriously im in no position to say anything compared to those guys over at EDMW HWZ.

i mean wtf. they are guys and they talk lyk a bunch of fucking ah guas. total massacre of the engrish language man, i really wonder wtf they thinking. its NOT cool and its NOT funny. rather it makes me wanna punch you, right between your balls.(if you have one.)

give you an example:

moi ish gos IMM new opening swensens tabao tis burger~

peektures rooks so yummy and nice~

ish 1st day opening at IMM mah, so gos there ssrr~

menu peektures so yummy and juicy, so try roh~

but turns out rike tat~

ish gos BK eat mushroom burger cheaper n 100 times yummier~

goot morleng mint jiejie~ 😮

( º Д º ) “””””””””””””””””

Haiz. what is the world coming to? well anyways.

one more paper to go. and the worse one too. may every single higher entity that govern this world bless me. i don need luck. i need a freaking miracle.

Financial Management and Forecasting = teh suxxorist of the chiko buberistic mloranre showelfs pitestkic.

WEEEEE nonsense.

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