1690 combo on stepmania(ddr for computer) to the tune of lucky star OP. WTF.

28 Aug

well although its a funny anime, its op is seriously irritating lyk mad, dee always watch i always tell her to tune down the vol when the op starts,

so one wonders how this guy manage to pwn this game lyk mad.. quite unbelievable really. if it was me i’d have smash the my logitech keyboard to bits.

warning! may take some time to load.

and if you’re really bored, do a search for ‘The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai’

Let me just say its NFSW first, just in case.

but neither isit anything pornish… ok maybe just a little.

basically its just about a call girl who got shot in the head due to her witnessing some dealings, she didnt die, got the bullets removed and realised she could understand foreign languages and solve extremely difficult math problem. she oso found a can in her pocket and after opening it found out that it was the finger of George W bush. yes. THE George W Bush, in the synopsis it says that ‘his fingerprint can unleash a nuclear devastation’ and its up to the girl to stop it. or something lyk that.

Trust the japanese to come out with weird story lines.

though what i find interesting is the genre of the film. hoho.

And just another one of this stupid youtube videos to keep u entertained.

Jackie chan + super mario. loool

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