Singnet consented, how about starhub?

25 Aug

so yeah, late again, Singnet consented willingly, with no rebuke, debate, resistance whatsoever in disclosing the 1000 ip address, they even FREAKING WROTE to ODEX that they will give the ips. and their lawyers didn’t even come! WTF (ok i mean thats expected since they already wrote a letter of consent)

Well I’m pissed, but not that shocked lar, since i mean its kinda expected, come’on open your eyes! let me ask u one question,


now then, due to this, I really wonder about the other party, starhub, did they fight the case bo? i mean in my previous post i already say liao, that all this doesn’t make any sense, 2 rich men lose to 1 poor men?

kinda crap lei. our country is just privacy-less. be careful singnet users, now you guys are more vulnerable to almost everything thats considered illegal in Singapore when it comes to the net. lol

So anyways, i think i never really did mention this, but i’m quite a loyal fan of alien and predators, i mean i watch alien resurrection at the age of lyk what? 10?

lol ok so anyways, ALIEN VS PREDATOR 2 : The requiem trailer is out, and its RATED R in US and A.

woot. that means it not lyk that crappy first part with a pg-13 rating! WEEEEEEE FINALLY some good ol’ alien vs predator ACTION!

and yes, predalien! goddamnit! im so excited, im so gona catch this movie..

Lousy quality Youtube version

Better quality but-you-gotta-click-version

AVP: TR trailer

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