the good and the bad

22 Aug

YES its time again for movie reviews!

right, as the title may have hinted, i’ve watched two movies, Flashpoint and Skinwalkers. and you guess which one’s the good and which one’s the bad. no really. guess. bahhh just read the gay review. anyways, lets go!

first the good.


No its not about a salesman selling a laser pointer that flashes, neither is it a story about torchlights or lighthouse. -.- ok crap.

Donnie yen is pretty much awesome in this movie, i watch him fight machiam lyk i watching ultimate fighting championship lyk that. those arm breakers and sleeperholds and whatever. woot! please don’t compare it to WWE, it doesn’t even come close really.

i must say the fight scenes are not bad, the way the camera is worked is impressive too, it really makes you feel the whole thing was real! (maybe it is) and i dare say it made me cringe quite a few times watching the final battle scene. slow mo + close up = Pureeeeeeee battle pwnage.

anyways the story is just about this cop trying to catch 3 ruthless vietnamese brother. blahblahblahyada, typical cop story.. not really that good IMO, felt kinda… how do i say.. shallow.. i guess they focus more on the fight scenes thn the story itself.  but still, at least its logical lar.

a funny part though is when halfway thru the final fight scene where donnie and that always paikia hk actor fell down the 2nd storey… the paikia actor’s mother (who have Alzheimer’s disease) suddenly pops out and keep saying she wants to find her 3 sons. i mean huh? lol ok.

and i lyk it when donnie bashed the sheet out of the dude who flung the kid out in the makeshift eating house scene. though i still find it weird why donnie wasn’t arrested. yes yes i noe if he kena arrested no show liao but when i watch show i just wan it to be as logical as possible. im fussy. which was why i felt rush hour 3 ending suck balls.

overall i just feel that given enough time and more emphasis on the story, this show would’ve rocked. but well, nowadays movies are getter more expensive while their showtime is getting shorter. oh well thats evolution for u

Overall i will give it………… 3.5/5 stars  watch it if you want to see donnie crack some boneesssss

PS. Now then i realised i totally no talk about gu tian le at all. guess he’s just too insignificant in the show? lol

Ok next up


WHAT CRAP SHOW IS THIS!!!! the 2 reasons i don’t watch horror/sci fi flicks (especially B grade types) is because

1) i humji

2) NO LOGIC. READ NO LOGIC WHATSOEVER. expected but ya know i just want to say.

i still remember the first time i watch jeepers creepers. WOAH, i hate those two siblings till i really feel lyk going into my tv and smack the SENSE back into them.

*Arhem anyways, in every stupid dumb B grade Horror flick, there must be THE ONE!

THE ONE IDIOT to do them all, for example: not running when you’re supposed to, being curious at the wrong place and at the wrong time, knowing that where you’re going is VERY VERY VERY DANGEROUS and you possibly won’t be able to do anything even if you go, but still did due to your IQ not being higher thn that of a cow, EMPTY FREAKING HANDED, and did i say anything about being helpless? hmm

so yes, in this show, THE ONE takes the form of some kid who well, is speccccialllllll (yeah special for being stupid.) *arhem so yeah, this kid here, is supposedly the son of a werewolf( YES NOW YOU NOE WHAT THIS STUPID STORY IS ABOUT) and a human, and base on some stupid werewolf legend, once he has… ‘ripen’, he has the ability to end the curse of the freaking AAHHH WOOOOOOOOOOO werewolves.

so yeah now we introduce the bad guys and the good guys.

on one side, we have good werewolves who wants to end all this bullshit(me too)

on the other, we have the bad werewolves, who just wanna tear the sheet out of everything and will stop at nothing to destroy the kid.

i guess up till this point you should noe how the ending goes.. i mean its pretty obvious what thing is gona fight what thing at the end.

man the starting town scene takes the cake, granny + magnum = pwnage. sheesh

anyways, yeah so as i was saying, THE ONE is totally moronic, going straight up to a good werewolf(locked down of cause, yeah, they cant control it so they have to strap themselves down when they change. now thats fresh!) touch its chest, and say ‘please don’t be like this’. DUH as if that would help hor! lol

next scene, its hard to describe this one so lets just imagine two rooms, one where the kid is, one where two werewolves are, one turning evil soon, while the other telling the damn kid(or rather shouting repeatedly) DON’T OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR!

and u guess it, the kid opened it, holding a shotgun and looking at the stupid evil werewolf donnoe doing what. the good werewolf of cause killed the bad one. so yeah, the kid cause one chick to die. great job.

another scene is where during the ultimate showdown, the good werewolf leader was fighting with the bad werewolf leader and somehow this kid here just decided to rush straight up to them, empty handed and watch. I mean kid i understand your hot and ooo lalala mom doesn’t let you watch late night action shows, but isn’t that kind of thrill too much for you to handle?

and because of that he cause the good werewolf to die. good job kid. WIN! hands down. another to your belt.

AND, the last one takes the freaking cake, i losing steam so i just cut short,

you brandish a knife at the bad werewolf leader,

you make a really fierce expression,

and wat do ya do?




on purpose.

WIN! again.. so the bad werewolf decided to bite the boy in the hope that he will die so werewolves will pwn the world. but look! what is this! the boy’s blood! it is the CUREEEEEEE! the cure to…… erm.. stop yourself from being a werewolf anymore!!!


the end. oh and did i mention the bad werewolf leader was teh boy’s dad?? WEEEE

Rating 1/5 stars. this one star is given to the hot momma. no more.

The only reason why i watch this is because i am trying to occupy myself with something, as im having exams!!!!! and whenever exams are near, i tend to find other things to distract myself so that i can stop thinking about studying……………………… lol that is so bad… i think im bad.


sheet. i’ve gone mad. brr sianz. exams exams exams

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