21 Aug

yes i just chance upon a blog that features rude or whatever singaporeans doing retarded things.

and you know what i hate the most? talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk nvr do anything. create awareness got what pigu yong when you’re doing nothing?

to me you are the same as them; rude simply because you took photos of them without their consent and post it out for all to see. lame dick.

and still got the cheek to tell the other party to report to the management if got any problem instead of complaining, again shooting your foot seems to be the in thing nowadays. you say until lyk that why don’t u reply her instead of posting in your own stupid blog?

One thing singaporeans are best at, complain this complain that, see this not happy talk to themselves, kpo this kpo that but when asked to do something about it all humji go one corner hide suck thumb.

HAH. whatever or not that website is affiliated to you guys, im damn glad it tio hacked, learn basic security first before you even try to set up some.. stupid forum or whatever that is since all i saw was the hacker’s work. LOL

Pwn’ed. (might be back to normal anytime, so no guarantees.)

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