ODEX on Encyclopedia Dramatica? maybe!?!?

20 Aug

First off let me just say this post was typed out of boredom, nothing interesting whatsoever.

well there’s quite a few article i think about Odex on wiki, some of them are,


and here

and i think still got somemore lar, but aiya im just lazy to go search, of cause im not focusing on those two, just probably a brief comment that the first link on ODEX itself is… how do i say… the general feel is not the same as other articles not ‘locally produced’ i guess.. well whatever just my personal opinion.

though im more interested in this page: Talk

i donnoe why just interesting to hear some comments from people not related to this saga in any ways. hoh

Well then, i was thinking how fun it was gona be if ODEX managed to get a spot on ED. but then again im not sure whether it can be done? since ED seems to be more… ang moh oriented.. oh well, just a thought really.

Ah yes, a couple more things to add, DarkMirage, some local dude who reviews all thing japanese, leaning more towards animes and such of cause, post up an article which i think is worthy of mention, read it here

well overall my own personal opinions regarding whether or not there’s anything we can do if somehow someday we recieve the dreaded letter is that we are just gona lppl and either pay up, or migrate, or just somehow disappear from the face of the earth simply because.. what freaking else can you do? unless of cause you can prove that the letter is fake and you didn’t download anything illegal whatsoever! how? i donnoe lei.

Though i have a suggestion to all this, not proven to work but i think you can try?

Destroy your HDD, yes burn it, smoke it, water it, acidize it, whatever, just make sure no one can recognize its a hdd when you show it to them can already(or you can just put it in your friend’s house first!), ignore the gay letter and teh gong and deny everything. period. and just keep saying ‘proof! proof! more proof! where? where got proof?!’ to answer everything they say or ask.

Do that and let us noe whether it helps or not. lol

BAH exams exams exams exams exams exams sucks to be meeeeeeee

PS! BTW! the linking seems to be broken!!!!! i always put ‘open in new window’ but when i click it doesn’t! DOUBLE U TEE EFF! isit just me? or screw up ? hmm

oh yeah suddenly just wanna add something, u noe most of the time when you read other people’s blog you see how he/she type all this and you will just agar judge how old he/she is? lol  i wonder how old i am based on my way of typing. is there some sort of analyzer or something to analyze this sorta things? lol i think from the way i type all this im probably 16. or 14. or even worse. -.-

lol paiseh lar, my ang moh not very the good. im better when talking 1 to 1. really!

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