this is call shooting yourself in the foot!!! x 1000000000000times

17 Aug

which i seem to encounter alot lately.

see this site admin of a particular ‘song’ forum, buay song someone upload a SINGLE (worth 8.50) into his forum for other people to share, so he proceeded to delete the post and apologize for that thru private msg. saying things lyk

it’s just a personal thing. because i bought the single myself, therefore i dont think it’s fair since i paid for it and i see it on the forum for people to download download for free..

i ask u lar, what kinda stupid site admin is that? you open a forum that is INFRINGING COPYRIGHT LAWS by ILLEGALLY distributing songs, AND YET you have the fucking balls to say that I PAY FOR IT AND I FIND THAT ITS NOT FAIR.

WOOO. SMLJ? i am totally speechless lar.

and yes, as much as i want to reveal where the site is, i shall not, anyways that site is gona up lorry with such a site admin. pfft.

i am astonished how moronic some people can be.

OMFGGGGGGGG! if only harry potter was really lyk that, sales will skyrocket. loool

Harry potter in the hood! (with lyrics)

Paris hilton in jail

win liao lar, still got what lindsay full loaded. lol still in production i believe? hahaha funny harry pwnsssssssssss


HAHAHAHAAH what sia this bunch of japanese. lol commenting to themselves while playing RE4. HILARIOUS!

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