S500i mysterious green

16 Aug

do not buy the S500i mysterious green, (or u can if u don mind the keypad cracking.) yes. normally its those number at the edge of the keypad that will crack (1,3,4,6 etc. but sometimes the middle one will crack too.)

it cracks so easily due to chemical reaction with the paint and the plastic, and if you really want it just get the golden since the paint used is another type. OR if DIE DIE want to get mysterious green, take a look at the battery, SE says that if it states there that the battery is made in or after week 27, the keypad cracking problem shouldnt arises.

users who have the cracking issue you can try going down to the SE service center, they will probably change the keypad for you. but no guarantees they won’t put back the old one.

So what do ya mean by crack? read this post here as it details the crack and what might have cause it:


Oso, there seems to be some issue with the battery life being too short. but seems to me not many people are complaining about that as compared to the cracking issue.

hoho. SE oso screw up one ar? i tot thats Nokia’s job? lol

on another note, man this guy rox. i nothing to say:


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