ODEX saga part 2

15 Aug

sooo yes, ODEX saga part 2, link to the report here: HWZ forums

all i have to say is, the newspaper is forever in a neutral standview, so chances of misinformation are there, especially so when they’re quoting word for word when interviewing a certain individual, EVEN if they know that the person is lying, or what, they cannot change the quote, since they are just reporting and not taking any sides, because as I’ve said, they are neutral and their job is just to report the news. the rest is up to the readers really.

If you are those that believe every single word the media said/published from day one, ESPECIALLY those of the Singapore variety, then.. well.. haha baaa baa black sheep have you any woooooolllll, yes sir yes sir three bags fulllll~

ok im lame, but you get the point, stop being an idiot and say that newspaper give wrong information. that is not wrong information, that is just reporting. wrong information is when they mix up jalan besar for jalan sultan.

and in other news,

Cnc3 Kane’s wrath, xpansion pack to cnc3 is announced! this time they got this risk boardgame style of play, well.. im not glad to hear this as i hate risk and any rts game that requires you to conquer the world map, its lyk usually this sorta game i is totally no storyline de lor, just lyk dark crusade, which i’ve never played the campaign for long before. no storyline for campaign means it sucks. period. i hope cnc3 KW doesnt walk that path. sian


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2 responses to “ODEX saga part 2

  1. WeiZhan

    August 15, 2007 at 8:49 PM

    kind of fun and interesting these days isnt it..

  2. dingo

    August 22, 2007 at 4:09 AM

    lol it sure is.. oh well.


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