i am so damn pissed.

15 Aug

Imagine this,

you do proj with groupmates A and B, A pass you her thumbdrive to take out stuffs, so u do do do do do do do until u fucking stomachache and nid to go toilet so u ask B to take over,

(before that A got ask u whether or not you have finish the project or not? you answered no.)

after bombing osama you come back and ask B finish liao or not, he say finish liao, you say good and proceeded to check whether or not the thumbdrive is still there. nope its not so i think 95% of humans out there will probably think that A took it back liao, right or not?

after that A come and ask u,again, finish already? this time, you say yes.. and A just say ok and went on home.

after lyk 6 hours have passed, A suddenly msg you asking you you whether you have taken her thumbdrive or not, as her thumbdrive was not with her, after confirming that both me and B never took the thumbdrive, what do ya think A should do???

*time pause*

now is your time to choose

a) A should partly take the blame herself for being forgetful as the thumbdrive is her own responsibility and perhaps just msg us in a nice tone, and not go alllll mad and start being sacarstic


b) A should call msg you and B and say something lyk ‘oh u very good team mates lor, never help me take my thumbdrive, you good you good, very pro! nvm really nvm’ (in caps all the way. i lazy to change)

nabei, u guess it, A choose option B, not only did she said that, she oso say tons of other stuffs which i think is no point putting here since its agar the same meaning; she just puts the blame all on us.

and even have the cheek to say that she got ask me to give her back her thumbdrive when all she asked was when the project was gona be finished and just cant wait to go home.
HELLO MISS! you only ask whether finish or not and u go home liao lei! WHEN THE FUCK u got ask for your thumbdrive back? if u did, i would have given u back, what? I steal your thumbdrive?? I have a 4gig, 1gig and 256mb one and i just gave another 128mb one to a friend of mine, I steal your one for fuck?!

I mean your thing is your responsibility, u come blame me for fuck? I got checked lor, but i never see your stuffs so i thought u took it back lor. and I MUST EMPHASIS THAT YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I should have asked her myself automatically to double confirm, but then again, we had lyk 2 projects due and was in a rush, i slept lyk 3 hours only and had such a bad stomachache, can’t really blame me for not right?

and i oso never say is her entire fault anyways.

mad. this issue just pissed me off lyk fuck. not as though i never say i don want to talk things out nicely, i tried to call her but she cup my phone and proceeded to msg back ‘I am not interested to hear any stories’.

(she even cupped B’s phone immediately when B replied that the thumbdrive ‘COULD HAVE’ still been in the lab, but not sure.)

double-u tee eff??!??

nabei. you wan lyk that I lppl lor. suay bian ni. all i noe is if i really forget to check ar, i would have the effing balls to admit it and apologise. i wont hide simply because its just not my style!

you oso knn de funny lei, your own things you haven take, what for u go back?? my fault ar?

i am so fucking pissed.

Anyways pardon me if i posted in a kiddish way regarding the incident, i just want to be as clear as possible and not leave out anything. to be fair you see. pardon me.

and yes, most of the rebuke you see here was of cause included in the exchange between me and her thru sms. i am usually anything and won’t really quarrel with a girl. but all hell break loose when ANYONE starts framing or maligning me.

don expect me to just sit there quiet quiet.


screw you.

seriously. (now THIS! i wanted to include in the exchange, but never. lol)

this is just a classic case of you rear bird, it fucking grow into a chicken.

(lang suay, qi jiao bian gong kuay.)

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