14 Aug

ok right change the ext. batt to a new one already. nin nuo hia, the first one REALLY is manufacturing defect, the contacts came loose apparently, nothing biggie, and the suxxor managed to fix it. but before that, all this while i just feel lyk he thinks that IS I TOO NOOB donnoe how to use the ext. battery to charge thats why end up got problem, cause he keep saying this and that and that and this that just makes me feel that way, lazy to elaborate. still got the fucking cheek to ask me to ask my friends whether want the ext battery pack he repaired, he sell cheap cheap $20. siao bo, you so buay steady, what for i so steady? gila peng lei.

well, its good that there’s no problem now, I HOPE IT STAYS THAT WAY!

ccb donnoe last life i owe who, this life so knnb eh suay.

anyways, just now, despite me being superly tired and just feel lyk going to sleep, i didn’t and decided to disassemble my specs and do a thorough cleaning. yes madness. i totally regret! first of all i kept dropping the screws on the floor when trying to assemble my specs, which is a very bad thing to happen as you noe since spec screws are so tiny and since my specs wasn’t wearable.. i had a ghay of a hard time finding it. i think it dropped 5 times. knn, WHY MY FINGERS SO BIG??

2ndly, i donnoe isit out of tireness or what, chao turtle after using the tissue paper to clean the nose rests i SOMEHOW threw them away together with the tissue and i didn’t even realised it all the way until i wanna find it but just cannot find.. i search here search there never had a clue until i tikum go search the dustbin and found it.

up till now i still donnoe why i threw it in the rubbish bin. madness.

something lyk this took 45mins to finish. wahhhh world record for being the slowest liao lar.

bah, tired lyk fishball. damn china garden to hell, consecutive 2 days go down there. %#$!@#!$!% and oh yes, while on the train i mentioned to jj that i feel lyk i was in a foreign country when we were lyk at buena vista.. cause.. well i’ve rarely travel all the way to the west side since.. wellll.. no point? i mean if u stay boon lay would u bo tai bo chi go pasir ris or tampines? so far lor.

ok as stated in 8 days, i have the one of the traits of a typical Singaporean. lol

AHH NABEI TMR 10.30am WAKE UP! sleep!

PS JJ bought the don and drew bouncy bouncy smack smack single. 8.50 only. i cant wait! lol

ok i am just goddamn boliao, and im sorry if I wasted lyk 5mins of your time. and no, i can’t give them back to ya, why don you try sucking your thumb? it might help.

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