xysing – ODEX

13 Aug

lately many forums and blogs are talking about ODEX and the company director.

some links for your entertainment…oster-copy.png…_author=xysing
*xysing=Stephen Sing…e_Odex_director



to me i got no comments, cause i fully agree with this post:


what this person said oso represent how i feel. so just read it.

to summarize,

grow up, put up, and shut up.

anyways his personal opinions doesn’t represent odex opinions ya know? i agree he is abit too much with the gloating and double standards, but lets face it, black sheeps are aplenty in this world.

you get caught, then be prepared to face the consequences.

anyways he posted under his internet moniker and not his true name and status, so you can’t entirely blame him. what? director of ODEX means totally cannot have own personal opinions?

he was just suay some CSI wannabe managed to track him down. sucks to you mr xysing. lol

and to end off,

Even if his attitude is sibei the lancheow and he himself double standard.. it still doesn’t change the fact that the law was broken and people were punished accordingly.

remember, you ain’t wrong as long as you don’t get caught.

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