Lik-Sang (old news ar) and hoxy moxy poxy.

13 Aug

Damn old news, but i just got wind of it now, boliao so just blog.
Although I don’t go there, i still know of it’s reputation as a importer, too bad it was forced to close down. gg SONY, you guys the best lar! first M$, now $ony(or the other way around depending on how you see it), why is everybody shooting their foot nowadays? very fun meh? if can possess gun in Singapore, I will surely go try.

If ya as old as me, then

Read full story here.

Again i was boliao and surfed around the internet, and lookie what i found 5mins ago, little fiasco over some ‘brother’ blogging that he hopes felicia the missing girl reported in local papers will drown so that people will stop putting up MISSING poster of her.

well i guess that’s a fuckstick’s brain for you; shallow and just simply cannot come out with good ideas.

Usually I won’t talk much one lar, but this ‘brother’ is knn de humji, first he move his blog post to january 2007, then he password protect, change the name to ‘there is no felicia teo here.. ROFL'(or something lyk that.)(2.15am i click) then he change it to ‘My Eating Disorder’ JUST a couple of mins ago.(2.19am) and now I refresh again, and the post is gone and got replaced by some stupid post about a song, or a poem, or whatever sheet da titled ‘Painter’ (2.22am)

knn you want you either have the freaking balls to post it up big big, or just delete, don change this change that edit this edit that then in the end choose to delete.

wait until kena find out liao then find solutions, abit tad late no?

Your blog is your responsibility, you think that its everything you want you can write? loool think again. and btw, seems to me that ‘brother’ hoxy moxy poxy here studies in TP.

It irks me to realize that i share the school with such people. ahh but then again, thats the world for u. not happy suck thumb lor.

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