11 Aug

Dx10.1 is a incremental patch to DX10, add in two things i believe. very nice.


get this, DX10.1 is NOT, NOT,NOTTTTTTTTT compatible with DX10. yes, meaning to say if u own vista and a 8800GTS(or any other card that support DX10). hoho happy good day to you.

Seriously WTF is micro$oft doing?! shooting their own foot i believe. DX10 stuffs is just can say practically non-existent yet there is 10.1 already? it is plain rubbish and plain rubbish only.

DX10 cards are being made obsolete even before… even before.. it is given a chance to WALK(sorry donnoe what word to use haha) its just lyk killing a baby. period.

the only reason i can think of is that DX10 has such a mega world threatening bug/exploit that micro$oft cannot solve so they bo pian have to change. if not then gg lar.

i hope they wise up and make DX10.1 a OPTIONAL upgrade. arbo ar, hoho lets all go buy a Xbox360/PS3. lol

seriously no game developer(apart from microshit) currently is gona shoot their own foot by releasing a game that is exclusive to Vista only. The bulk of the market is still Dx9 and will stay that way for a long time.

Since vista still sucks. and judging from previous experience, i can tell u it too will stay that way for a long time.

Vista does well when it comes to the look and overall feel, but when you try to dig deep and look at its internals, its one messed up freaking piece of sheet really.

bottomline is if you’re a computer noob, then heck get vista since its eye candy, but if ya a geek AND a game freak, then Vista is NOT the way to go, for now.


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