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08 Aug

yes. lately i’ve been going on a mad frenzy obtaining psp games. so right now i shall list out what i’ve recently obtaining and basically give a watered-down version of reviews. DO note that reviews might not be accurate cause most of the game i oso haven complete. LOL and oso i may make some reference about other games just do a search if you are interested lar. and do take note, same thing goes for this sorta ‘reviews’ i will focus only a LITTLE bit about the storyline and plot(probably none at all.), cause i am just lazy. lol ok here goes! long long post!

harvest moon boy and girl

port of the psx game back to nature. now u can choose either boy or girl. (yah no gender discrimination!)

play a little bit. look wise no different to psx one? or maybe slight la. storyline oso change abit. actually i find this game interesting, just that its so hassleful it kinda bores me. as i’ve said, i am a very simple game player, i hate complex stuffs, miniquests, secret items all this, thats why now i either don play new rpg games, or i play halfway quit. simply because i am a completionist yet i find doing tons of sidequest and finding secret hidden items boring lyk fuck. and not to mention most games nowaday are veering towards the ‘lets make lotsa sidequest and secret items! more more more!’ path. -.-

and btw, harvest moon is not a rpg. it IS complex by nature since its a simulation game. the above is just i thinking out loud. haha.

overall i would say get this game if u are those who lyk to manage farms and rear animals and crops, and don mind the freaaaaaaaking long load time.

Ys – The ark of …. donnoe what simi zabalang lar, donnoe how to spell.

ehh hmmm, overall style of play is lyk alundra in half 3d 2d view, or perhaps can be compared to azure dreams for the psx.(top down view) rather hard to play due to the limited items and crazy damage done by some enemies, this game u must really learn how to be fast and evade often. no rambo till later on. i must say, i die 2 times playing the starting starting part. hoho. nice design of the characters, the music is not bad.

but quite lag lei. hmm maybe its just my game. donnoe.

i would say get it if you enjoy a lone hero stranded on some island upon a island. then have to travel back and forth through other islands while donnoe doing things. oso do get it if you lyk alundra style of game.

Alundra – yes the 1997 psx game that makes people go mad with its puzzle.

the first time i play this game i play till the snow part then my memory card chikababoom. i was so mad i cried. (no i didnt. lol) 4 years later i play the game again and play until the part where you have to access the stone golem, statue thingy lingerling thing. then totally tio stuck cause the puzzle really is fucking hard. and mind u i didnt have a computer back then so totally no guide!! i achieve everything through sheer intelligence on my part. and how old was i back then? 14? 13? 12 perhaps?

Get the game if you lyk running around see enemy chop enemy (top view sorta game) and enjoy abusing your brain with crazy puzzles. i find this game very entertaining due to its storyline (yes hidden meanings again, this time about religion and etc.) and also the sheer amount of time needed to advance in this game without the guide.

I will do anything you request if you can prove to me that you completed the game without help whatsoever. yes thats how hard the puzzles are.

Dungeon Maker Hunting Ground

yes. a very wulu wulu game but very fun. basically u just make/design a dungeon yourself(WTF! AGAIN!? my course already so many designing knn i must be mad to lyk this game.), then u attract monsters to your dungeons and kill them to gain rewards and items and etc. plain and simple. your characters can equip things either bought from the shop or dropped from the monsters(interesting thing is u can equip 2 braclets and 9 rings. 9?! the hero only got 9 fingers? lol) not much story really. 20 floors deep worth of dungeon, and each floor is damn fucking big. i play almost 24 hours worth of the game liao i still haven complete the first floor.

get it if you’re those sort who don really care much about storyline and just wanna do some construction and admire it after that. and oh yes and to just kill monsters lyk theres no tmr. 2432 dead monsters under my blade and still counting! lol

Tales of the World – Radiant Mythology

I only play a few hours of this game, its 3d style rpg, dungeon exploring and fighting wise its free flow, not turn base, you are lyk in a arena with the enemy and u run around chop them. something lyk star ocean in 3d form lar.

storyline not that bad, quite humorous! and the ultra cool thing is if u have ever played ‘tales of’ series… then u are bound to recognize some characters in the game as somehow they are inside! lyk Reid, the girl on the broom, Garr and so on and so forth lar, rest i still not sure cause i haven play till so far. lol

and one thing i want to highlight is that, if u were to change equipment, your character model WILL ALSO CHANGE WITH IT! yes! armor helmets golves boots weapons! you name it they will change the model once u change the equipment yourself. absolutely AWESOME since rarely games do stuffs lyk that, at most is just change the weapon models.

and yes, the graphic is quite good on the psp, lose ps2 abit only really.

Get this game if you’re a ‘tales of’ series fan, definitely. if not get this game if my review made you wanna buy. haha

Syphon filter: Dark Mirror

yes the manly man with teh sissy name. Gabe logan. LOL.. ok lets get to the point. copy MSG lyk mad, but still theres a few parts unique to it, lyk the tazer wire gun for example. (OH SO FUN TO SEE U BURN!!!!)

controls takes awhile to get used to. but once it does, surprisingly functional for this sorta games for console.

Graphics is awesome too!

Sound sucks though, so soft so soft soft soft, you have to on subtitles to noe what the hell the cutscenes and briefing talking about.

Get this game if you lyk espionage, stealth, rambo, guns, bombs, headshots and of cause! PEOPLE BURSTING INTO FLAMES WHEN 50,000volts(not accurate anyhow pom haha) worth of electricity circulates in their body for more thn 5 seconds.

Brave Story New Traveler

haven played. but it seems lyk currently its the top ranked psp game in gamespot? go gamefaqs the topic post oso so many. must be fun. but delta took my psp! BAH. oh well. nvm

i doubt i’ll update this game unless something really earth shattering about this game forces me to blog about it.

which come to think of it, up till now i’ll not encountered any ‘earth shattering’ function or anything worth mentioning with all the games i’ve played on the psp.. except for the tales of the world, model changing function. which isnt really must of a ‘earth shattering’ news if you were to compare to lyk say…….. the legendary day when ff7 came out.

oh well thats why i say things are depreciating constantly. take a good look around you, things are just better 10 years ago.


MY HANDS! DAMN SORE!!!! FUCKING LONG POST! and pardon me if got typo, i’ll probably change it some other days. my hands and eyes no power left.

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