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warning: this post might make no sense to you whatsoever, (well technically, my blog has alot of things that doesn’t make sense in the first place, SO WHY ARE YOU READING?! see im not making sense again.) so do not complain to me if you wasted lyk 14.34 (est.) mins of your life reading this and demand that I return it to you, for i lack the power to do so.(even if i can, i wont’ Neh nanny poo poo! ๐Ÿ˜› ) YOU HAVE BEEN VERY VERY WARNED. CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY IF TIME=YOUR LIFE.

once upon a time, there was a man called ah kow, ah kow lyk to go against the rigid structure of how certain things work, normally rules and political things, but the problem is, he lived in a country where people are spoonfed by higher entities and as a result, not able to make decisions by themselves, well some did try to make their own decisions and speak out to things that weren’t right, but all they got was a spanking and banishment for eternal damnation to chikababoom land. (a very scary place) as soon as they try to oppose the views of the higher entities. and boy do this higher entities do it with style, putting them down silently lyk ninjas in the dark. (no 2nd chance.) no explanations were given whatsoever andย  although speculations and hypothesis were abound, no one dared question anything. this way of doing things oso deter others from opposing and made the higher entities happy. Ah kow too, was jaded with this sorta ‘government’ as since even though the higher entities was strict, life here was great and this country is considered ‘world class’ too. but still, he kept having this lingering thought (he was born with it, what to do?)

as time goes by, this thought of his strengthen and occur more frequently, but he didn’t know how or what or when to do it while minimizing repercussions to the minimal, should he do it alone? or with the help of others (blame the higher entities way of doing things for making ah kow so hesitant.) until one day, he had a chance! he chanced upon this certain place(lets call it sector SuperTime) which is still under the jurisdiction of the entities, but not directly, as they have appointed medium entities to look over this place, furthermore, this place employs a certain time shift distortion ability, which somehow manages to mask the faces of people that fall within its area of effect! (thats why people here must place nametags on their shirts to identify themselves, which is not very effective if you noe what i mean.) everything was fine until one blue day, something occurred, occupants were disappearing mysteriously! Others speculated and wondered and speculated, but since the medium entities were keeping quiet, no one knew what really happened.. gradually, as this sorta cases started to increase(as mentioned before, governance here wasn’t strict and the true your true identity ain’t even revealed anyways) a handful of occupants who were unhappy with how things were being handled, rebelled, but was of cause put down so silently and skillfully not many people knew that they disappeared before it was too late!

all this while ah kow was watching intently until he decided that it was time. he strike and tried to rally the supports of others by stirring their emotions(a really dumb thing to do, as you’ll find out why) in the hope that they would stand up and fight the oppressors.. well BOY was he freaking wrong!

replies lyk:

‘you don’t know how things around here work man’

‘It’s useless, no point, look at the others.’

‘ oh please, what can we achieve even if we were to win? this ain’t even a important land.’

and some were to go as far as to say(which ah kow really didnt noe why and find it pretty outrageously outrageous.):

‘you are the sort of people this higher entities want, brainwashed.’

it was then that ah kow realised that perhaps his way of approaching things was wrong, he shouldn’t have made the occupants angry, but then again.. replies lyk this just make ah kow think that the higher entities’s doctrine was actually quite quite quite formidable.

even though ah kow tried his best, in the end nobody really took heed of what his true aim was but just repeatedly lambast him for spoiling their ‘peace’ and told him to go away.. so..

after ah kow’s plan backfired, he wearily went back to a little corner and suck his thumb. hey at least he had a ‘trial run’ of what he is going up against should he were to try again. ๐Ÿ˜€

To Be Continued……. (Maybe?)

hohohoho, lameass story, sorry for making you guys go through it, if you understand good, if not then oso nvm.

I must say though, i donnoe why i suddenly came up with such a story, probably because i happened to stumbled across some links that commented about the political and sociological mindset of a certain country, and from this different sources I came up with bits and pieces of the story, stored it in my head and finally complied it here.

haha anyways:

Crack Addict


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