Team M33

01 Aug

Rejoice people! for there is a new development team for custom firmwares! and whats best, they pick up from where darkalex left off!

initial observations tells me that they release updates for their firmware quite rabidly. 3.51 itself has 7 updates as far as i know. and the new one already has 2. oh well. still..

rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am just gona try it out and let you guys noe what its capable of..

You know, i that time go one game shop in Tampines they offer downgrading and upgrading to custom firmwares at a fee, apparently.. the price is lyk quite random, depends on what firmware ya on, and what custom firmware you want.. someone go there ask and the person say 35dollars.

hoho. really is chop vegetable head. if this peoples do a search on the net, im sure they will know what to do, when i got my psp, i downgraded it and upgrading it myself lor, no charges at all! and i even tried devhook(which is not to my liking really) and others. lol

Im pondering whether or not to release a in-depth guide to downgrading and upgrading your psp for dummies.. but actually i am just too lazy to do so really, currently that is.

i may or may not lar, depends on my mood and whether i got time, ok off to try out team m33!


actually i was wrong about the .exe part, due to initial impatience and just extract the file and thought that its an exe without even loading into my psp. anyways, yes there is a noob proof exe for the updater but then its only for the installation of the M33 itself. you still need to manually do the psar dumping. loool.

ok lar, lyk that is almost the same as darkalex’s one. anyways, for those of you with official firmware 1.50 or any of darkalex’s OE firmwares. (just go to your psp to check, ‘system settings>system information’), here’s a very detailed guide (at least for me) about updating to the new firmware.

Installing M33 CF

Do note that every flashing you do, theres always a chance that you will brick your psp, no matter how small the percentage is. So do take note and use at your own risk.

what is bricking? lol. well lets just say it will make your psp a very efficient door stopper.

Why update?

Well M33 is unique in the fact that it has many functions OE doesn’t have. ( actually it only matters if ya someone whose a total geek, lyk me. general masses will probably just want the ‘Play using Iso/Cso’ function. LOL)

plus, once you update to this, you can play any game that requires any firmware up till 3.52, its lyk if say you have 3.40, and a certain game(usually new ones) needs 3.51.. well you cant play it unless you update lor.

though the con(s) is that M33 releases updates lyk theres no tmr. im not complaining, but as I’ve said, every flashing you do, theres a chance it will brick. so yeah.

for more info on all the CFs release till now, check here

please people, stop putting your blardy vegetable head on the chopping block, its really not worth it as once you get the hang of it, less thn 10 mins you can get your new new firmware liao lor. from personal experience i can tell you that the chances of your psp bricking is near to zero if you READ the guide properly and FOLLOW the instruction closely. even for downgrading, which is ABIT hard for newbs as compared to updating to CFs, but still doable if you READ and FOLLOW. and really, just use google to search lar, I can bet you my whole life fortune somewhere out there, there’s a guide that teaches you how to downgrade. haha

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