personality temperament

20 Jul


lol? just did this test which i find welll… 70% accurate for me.

Personality: Choleric Melancholy

Melancholy Strength:1 Weakness:8


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Phlegmatic Strength:4 Weakness:2


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Read more about Phlegmatic Weaknesses

Sanguine Strength:6 Weakness:2


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Choleric Strength:9 Weakness:8


Read more about Choleric Strengths
Read more about Choleric Weaknesses

the melancholy part I think should have more strength. for the Sanguine part should be half half lor. Phlegmatic wise its fine. as for Choleric its spot on. lol

the quiz is quite confusing at first but ok lar ok lar not bad.

i would rate this quiz a 3/5 for accuracy. not the worse i’ve done, but neither is it the best. i still lyk the one about asking your birthdate and a bunch of numbers one, that one is lyk 95% zhun for me lor. its sumwhere in my archive.. long long ago i

and yes! don nid to enter email de lar. they just want to spam you.

and oh yes, just went to miss clarity cafe for dinner. hmm overall okok. not as good as i expected though. 3.5/5 stars i give. and yes! bugis right now got this wedding fair i think. they showcase this uber big cake made in 800!!! FREAKING HOURS! 3.2m tall! 30 bottles of freaking brandy and donnoe how many tons of other ingredient! you could practically smell the cake from 1m away lor.

i took a pic of it. upload later probably. maybe not. see how. haha okkkk gone!

 personality temperament test

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