my dead body…

15 Jul

hoho kop kop kop from another blogger! haha

My dead body is worth $4625.00
The Cadaver Calculator – Find out how much your body is worth.

(please open in new window/tab yourself)

yes my dead body is worth this much if I some kind soul offer up my body for scientific research.


actually i wanted to brog about an issue regarding ‘the things around us are degrading!(in terms of quality)’

but then im too tired to do that. freaking headache, probably brog about it some other time, in the mean time, go see how much your dead body is worth! hoho

anyways one more thing, today working and read alot of newspaper.. keep talking about china china china, you should noe what they highlighted if you follow the news, its about the goods that they make and etc… poison toothpaste and toys.. buns fillings made from mashed up cardboard box.. etc etc.

scary, but really worth it to think about and observe.. since ya noe, its THE country to watch currently. hoho damn im crapping. ok gone

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